We have created a user-friendly and extremely reliable flower printer using processes that are of the finest quality available anywhere in the world. This state-of-the-art and efficient flower printer does not apply a sticker or a decal. The flower printer actually embosses bright or metallic colored ink directly onto fresh petals at the rate of 6-10 roses per minute. It can also personalize wooden flowers, silk flowers, silk petals, soap petals, glass, ceramic vases, and so on. Our packages provide you with everything you need to get started, and are flexible enough to allow you to start small and grow extensively.

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What is a Flower Printer?

If you want a flower printer, there’s simply no other choice than the flower printer system designed and patented by Speaking Roses. This system is fast, easy, and trouble free. With a flower printer like this, you will not be hampered by technical difficulties or slow production processes. The message or logo printed on the flower is clear, easy to read, and it has a tremendous impact on its beauty.

What a Flower Printer is Not

There is a flower printer on the market that is a cheap imitation of the Speaking Roses flower printer, and whose manufacturers seem to show no concern for the care flowers need and the quality of the resulting impression. This Lexmark Z640 inkjet printer uses procedures for printing on paper, and is not suitable for the delicate procedure of flower printing. Its maintenance demands a lot of money, and slows production. Speaking Roses invested a great deal of time and money to test this questionable procedure. We have confirmed the poor quality of its product, which has the look and feel of plastic.

We hope this clarification has been helpful. Best of luck to you on your flower printer purchase!

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